Peering Policy

As it's mainly used for research purpose, AS210025 has a Open peering policy and we're very happy to peer (Both IPv4 and IPv6) with networks which are connected to one or more exchange points we have in common. Currently we're present at route servers of all the IXPs we connected. Check our PeeringDB for more details.

Present Internet Exchanges

  • KCIX
  • EVIX
  • VMIX
  • DE-CIX Dusseldorf
  • DE-CIX Hamburg
  • DE-CIX Munich
  • KleyReX
  • LocIX Frankfurt
  • LocIX Netherlands
  • LocIX Dusseldorf
  • Speed-IX
  • 4BIX

Peering Requirements

  • You should have a public valid ASN and at least one IPv4 or IPv6 prefix authorized to you.
  • You should have a up-to-date PeeringDB entry.
  • You should have a valid NOC contact email.
  • Only announce prefixes authorized to you. You should have valid ROAs (IRR Objects) for all of the prefixes you are willing to announce.
  • Only send traffic that is specified for the prefixes we are announcing to you. Don't set default or static route to us. Don't send us traffic that does not match the routes we announce to you.

Private Peering (PNI)

We accept various other private peering methods, but our policy becomes case by case under this situation. Currently direct-connected cable, meshed wireless and any reasonable tunnels can be considered. We also accept peering sessions based on any provider network used as under layer such as NGN of NTT in Japan, private or public vlans of any cloud provider, etc. Please contact NOC for more details.

Reserved Rights

  • We may change our peering policy contents and requirements at any time.
  • We may reject a peering request at any time for any reason.
  • We may pause or terminate any BGP connection at any time without notice.