neXt-generation eXtremely Systematized Link

AS210025 is a software-defined experimental overlay network based on Internet, wireless and laser link.

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It runs mainly for research purpose, widely used to support some other projects of mine, providing self-controllable ISP/NSP capabilities.

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Currently there are 7 PoPs across the world connected to each other with different types of circuits, tunnels and links.

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It also does a selective routing path optimization between nodes by algorithm optimized tunnels to reduce latency inside the network.

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Technology Tree

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Completely software-defined network

AS210025 delivers a mixed-purpose SD-WAN from the scratch, constructed by various open-source programs from its BGP sessions to its low-level data links.

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IPv6 IoT
Deploy IPv6 stack in embedded devices

Concentrating on low-cost and affordable IoT IPv6 network solutions for the future. Connecting device to device will be far more easier than before.

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Multiple Data Links
Internet through multiple medium

Developing laser, radio wave and other medium Internet links by software-defined tunnels for multiple cases thanks to the flexibility of AS210025.

Contacting NOC

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