Network Details

AS210025 is a software-defined global overlay network running mainly for research purpose and fun. It is also for supporting some other projects of mine, providing self-controllable ISP/NSP capabilities.

Currently there are 7 nodes across the world connected to each other with different types of circuits, tunnels and links. AS210025 is multi-homed, and also does a selective routing path optimization between nodes by algorithm optimized software tunnels to reduce latency inside the network.

Now it is running at the following locations, and of course, it keeps growing:

Frankfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sandefjord, Norway

Tokyo, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Kansas, United States

You may check PeeringDB BGP RIPE Stat to find more information from third parties about this network.

IPv4 Prefixes we are announcing: (Partially) (Partially) (Partially)

IPv6 Prefixes we are announcing:


2a09:b280:ffb0::/48 (Partially)

2a09:b280:ffb1::/48 (Partially)

2a09:b280:cccc::/48 (Partially)